Plymouth Gin, Red Vermouth, Chai Tea Syrup, Bitter Foam.

With a Nest of Dill and Rosemary and a Quail Egg Shell filled with crushed Kumkuat.



Osoi (that is, 遅い, or what would be the Japanese for slow) is our recommended cocktail by Fran Mekk: refreshing and herbaceous, with a surprise: you wouldn’t believe it’s actually alcohol free:

  • Seedlip Garden
  • Lychee juice
  • Lime
  • Homemade Teriyaki Shrub
  • Ginger Ale
  • Rosemary
  • Celery

With a Basil and Grated Coconut Nori Roll.




The recommended cocktail is called GAROINA, and Frank Ibars has prepared a very personal and Mediterranean take on the negroni.

  • Gin
  • La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge
  • Tonic Syrup
  • Bitter Foam

Garnished with crushed kumkuat, dill, rosemary and tarragon. A delicious wonder that takes you on a trip.

Lil’ Martini


Our recommended cocktail is called Lil’ Martini, and it’s the Izael Ramos’ submission for the Elit Art of Martini Cocktail Competition. This little wonder has:

  • Vodka Stolichnaya Elit (por supuesto)
  • St. Germain
  • Aperol
  • Lemon Juice
  • Heather Honey Smoked with Rosemary.

Have a good one!

Costa Brava


Gin Mare, Lemon Syrup, Fir Tree Syrup, Bitter Orange Marmalade, Bay Leaves Bitter, Sugar, Blueberries, Redcurrants, Fresh Rosemary & Sage.