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Cocktails 5th Edition.

Artists Only

The history of art in 16 cocktails.

slow cocktail gallery bcn

After visiting the museums of the world.

The art of cocktail

Let’s go!
I’m painting, I’m painting again
I’m painting, I’m painting again
I’m cleaning, I’m cleaning again
I’m cleaning, I’m cleaning my brain

Dear Slowers, we are 12 years old, which is no small feat in these times, and we continue our journey, slowly but surely, always SLOW.

To commemorate them we want to introduce you to a new collection of art, the art of the cocktail. This time we have walked through the Louvre, the Prado, the National Gallery of Ancient Art, the Louis Vuitton collection, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, the Kunsthalle in Hamburg, private collections, the Leopold Museum, the Georges Pompidou Centre, the Stanley Museum of Art, the Dalí Museum and the Waterloo Bridge.

This journey has plunged us into a spiral of beauty, we got drunk like Stendhal but, in the end, all these works have deeply inspired us to offer you this collection, to bring art to your palates, thus continuing our tireless journey in search of great beauty. We have passed through almost every corner of our beloved Earth, from the Mediterranean to the Silk Road, the forests… And we never tire of walking, of enriching our senses and our souls to give you the best of us, THE COCKTAIL.

Pretty soon now I will be bitter
Pretty soon now will be a quitter
Pretty soon now I will be bitter
You can’t see it ‘til it’s finished

Diego Latina takes a look at these great artists, turning their great works into interpretations in cocktail form, bringing their essences directly into your mouths. Each of these artists has an enormous significance in the world of art, just as Slow has in the world of cocktails. Pioneers of the signature cocktail in Spain thanks to Francesc Bretau, 12 years later we continue our unique journey without forgetting our essence.

We hope you enjoy travelling, getting drunk on beauty and, of course, on life as much as we have. The life of those great painters, reviewing in our own way the history of art from Caravaggio to Banksy through Goya, Kandinsky or Dalí among others. From the Renaissance to our era, from life to death, from Romanticism to Cubism. Diego interprets all these works like no one else and launches the most incredible collection of cocktails to date.

Counterpoint flavours, long drinks, short drinks, sweet and bitter, spicy and refreshing. A delight for every palate.
Because as we have already said and we never tire of repeating, we will keep on walking.

I don’t have to prove… that I am creative!
I don’t have to prove… that I am creative!
All my pictures are confused
And now I’m going to take me to you