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Unleash your talent on stage.

come play with us

It’s super simple:

① Read terms and conditions

② Choose date and pay for the venue.

Terms & Cpnditions.

There is a venue hire fee of €50, €30 per additional band (+ VAT) and the entire box office is for the artist.

Timetable of the performance: Concerts have to finish at 23:30, encores included, and clear the venue immediately so that at 0:00 the DJs can start. We usually start between 21:30 or 22:00, but the start time is flexible depending on the length of the sets.

At Slow we provide: sound technician, equipment (see rider below), a few bottles of water, we provide tickets and change for the box office and basic promotion on social networks and agendas. The band or promoter must provide additional equipment and someone to sell the tickets. If Slow has to arrange for someone to sell tickets, this costs €20.

Once the date has been booked, a contract will need to be signed.

Rider and sound check

You can be here at 19.00 h on the day of the concert for soundcheck. There is a lift to take up heavy equipment (amps, etc).

This is what we have:

  • 4 Shure PG58 mics with 4 boom stands.
  • Martin Audio F15+ speakers
  • Behringer Xenyx 1202 and 802 mixers
  • Allen & Heath Xone:92  Mixer

The mixers give 7 XLR/jack mono and 5 jack mono/stereo inputs.

There are no monitors because the speakers are behind the musicians, so they hear everything. Drums are not usually sounded because the room is small. We recommend that you use an amp for the bass because the room has a limiter and it always jumps with the low frequencies.

If you have to connect things to the table (acoustics, synths…) you need 10m cables to go well. We have some additional canon, jack, and rca cables of this length, but it’s better if you can bring your own.

Bring a carpet for your drum kit if you use one.

For any technical questions, you can talk to sound technician Hermes Andreu at or phone 610 913 906.

Attendance of minors as audience: Minors between 16 and 17 years of age may attend the concert but may not consume alcohol. Minors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians and bring a completed and signed document that you will receive when you make your request. Minors must leave the venue before 0:00.

Contract of cession of use

In order to play it is essential to have a digitally signed contract for the use of the venue, which will be sent to you pre-filled once the date has been approved. Like this one,

Available dates and booking.

Make your booking and provide us with your billing, band and concert details. The next bit is in Spanish. It says:

Select the number of bands you are going to play, the date you want from those available (note that the nearby dates are usually busy), and the time slot (only from 21:30 to 23:30). If you need to start before 21:30 don’t worry, we’ll talk about it by mail.

Una vez recibido el pago, recibirás una confirmación inmediata de la fecha.

Te enviaremos la factura y un correo indicando los siguientes pasos. La factura puede tardar hasta 3 horas en llegarte.