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Learn in a virtual environment.

Online Cocktail Workshops

An exciting online activity, suited to companies and groups. Receive a box with all you need to make this online cocktail workshop.

How long do they last? 1 hour

How many particpants? 10 to 500

How many cocktails? 2

In our workshops you will learn

Preparation of 2 cocktails. (depending on the type of cocktail).
Use and handling of bartending tools.
Measurements and glassware.
A little bit of history of the cocktails to be prepared.

Taste the cocktails and share with the participants.

Workshops are done via Zoom app, available to desktop, mobile and tablet.

There are 2 modalities: One where we send all which is needed for the workshop, and the other where we do not send anything and participants get everything on their own.

By our masters: Fran Mekk, Diego Latina, Antonella Giuzio y Giulia Faraoni.

The minimum is 10 participants. You can request it here.

With shipment of materials

Ready to rock

We send all the necessary material for the workshop (except ice) to the participants' homes 1 or 2 days before the event. Cocktail shaker, glasses, liquors, juices, fruit... Everything is ready!

Book your workshop

Without shipping

Lista de la compra

We provide a list of the ingredients and utensils needed for the workshop, which each participant must have on the day of the event. Just follow the Zoom link and enjoy!

Book your workshop

All you need for the workshop.

contents of the box

Typical contents of a box. Will vary depending on the cocktails chosen.

Ideal for team building activities.

Characteristics of the Online Cocktail Workshop

The virtual cocktail workshops are a fun and entertaining proposal, where the only difference with respect to the face-to-face ones is that they are done through the zoom platform.

In general, we propose that they last 1 hour and include two cocktails, with or without alcohol.

With or without shipping?

Usually the easiest way is for us to send to your home 1 or 2 days before the activity all the necessary material for the workshop: cocktail shaker, utensils, fruit, liquors, distillates, etc. You will only need the ice. Confirmation of the activity must be made at least 10 working days before the activity to ensure that the packages arrive on time.

Alternatively, if you already have the ingredients on hand, or you prefer to get them on your own, we will provide you with the famous shopping list of the workshop material and you will only need to connect on the day of the activity.

Group size

Being an online activity, it can be done for up to hundreds of participants. Depending on the size of the group, there will be microphone moderation, use of chat… or everything open for smaller groups.