One of the best music bands.

The Exhibition

Meet Placebo

After paying tribute to The Smiths and to heavy metal bands from the Seventies and Eighties by showcasing their vinyl record sleeves, it’s time to exhibit the album covers of what we consider to be one of the best bands of the modern days, that has already been rocking for twenty years: PLACEBO. With their captivating personality and very unique style, they play rock, punk and indie that results in an irresistible blend of sounds, that pairs with their distinctive and incomparable voice and flawless image. We believe that, together with Muse, they have marked a turning point for that private Olympus reserved for the all-time greatest pop and rock bands. They have gloriously managed to create mysticism and bewitch a huge fan base along the way. Their discography is an interesting combination of vynil records, CDs, DVDs and singles, and has now become one of the music industry’s most sought-after collections. For all these reasons, and because we really love them, we’ve put together a virtual exhibition of all they’ve accomplished, and hope that they’ll keep being their awesome selves for much longer. Thank you, Brian and company!

A journey through the world of Placebo.


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