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The flavours of our sea


Basil, rosemary and broom.


Our sea… and Joan Manel Serrat.

The inspiration

Ever since its creation, Slow has been constantly evolving, growing and exploring new paths, thanks to all those who have put their trust in us. The first stage of this adventure has led us to discover, improve and define how we view the world of cocktails. We traveled to different spaces and countries, and we experienced amazing things that have led us to narrate all our adventures, to those who can truly appreciate a good cocktail, especially the ones we lived in the Mediterranean. By doing this, we get to honour our beloved sea, our lifestyle, our origins… the Mediterranean.

The master and head of Slow’s team Francesc Bretau has decided to share all the knowledge that he obtained through 30 years of experience, that has led him to win multiple internationally recognized awards, and has created 18 new cocktails with Francesc Galera. 18 new cocktails that will fly us on a journey to a new world of sensations, a blissful result and blend of unique life experiences: new products, new techniques, our ancestor’s traditions, homemade preparations, innovative ways of serving cocktails… This (and much more) will be available for you in the next season. Get ready to enjoy a new world of pleasure for all your senses.

Since Slow will be constantly evolving and trying to do its best to contribute to the fascinating world of cocktails, and since we will work hard to grow, evolve and improve to express all that our experiences have thought us, we would like you to join us on a wonderful journey together, and it will be a long ride… because Slow will never stop.

November 2012