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Slow’s first cocktail menu, January 2011.

First Edition

Have a look, this was our first menu.


This was our vision back when it all started.

The Inspiration

Ever since its opening, Slow has always aimed to enlighten its customers with a new vision of the world of cocktails. We embraced the opportunity to expand our horizons and explore the unknown in order to offer you unique and fascinating creations and delight your senses.

And now, after countless hours of mixing, blending and creating like modern alchemists Slow, Francesc Bretau and his team have created our first exclusive cocktail menu.

28 new creations that we can’t wait for you to discover. 28 cocktails that will bring you on a unique and dynamic journey though old Europe’s countries like Spain, France, Italy, Russia and England, and fly you through the United States, Central America, passing through the Caribbean, Polynesia and Asia. A journey with no final destination, but rather a fascinating route experiencing fusions, essences, flavours, and delighting your senses.

Because Slow knows no limits and will always choose to evolve. This is why we keep working hard to extend our exclusive cocktail menu in the next months. We would like you to join us on a wonderful journey together, and it will be a long ride… because Slow never stops.

January 2011